Oh Yeah
November 16th, 2009

Oh Yeah

You should hopefully notice something a little bit different about today’s strip. If not, I guess it’s finally time to upgrade your internet browser from Netscape 2.0. Either way, enjoy!


  1. Dylan

    Thee is something different! This one’s actually funny!

    Only kidding. Hilarious as usual.

  2. Kim

    This one had me giggling like a little schoolgirl, perfect for a Monday morning.

  3. bachterman


  4. Magne

    Hypercomic! Pure genius! Even the tag combination was funny.

  5. Tim

    I usually read by RSS, so I didn’t notice anything at first. Your comment made me actually go to the website (which I usually hate to do). Thanks for making it worthwhile. Don’t do this without telling us, okay?

  6. danineteen

    Love it! You should do more comics like this one!

  7. Yacine

    No wonder you couldn’t stop giggling. This is so awesome.

  8. PsyDei

    hahaha pretty nice xD

  9. Kristian

    Thanks, gang! This one had me giggling as well when I made it, and it turned out a lot more… mesmerizing than I could anticipate.

    @Tim: Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Don’t worry, I’ll drop subtle hints if I ever do something similar. I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to RSS feeds; I guess there even are some comics I follow whose site I’ve never actually visited.

    @Dani: I might if I come up with something more suited for “special effects”. No clue when that will happen, though!

  10. Ian

    This is very smart indeed. For what it’s worth, shows up fine in Google Reader.

  11. speearr

    This is the most awesome thing you’ve ever done. And that’s saying a lot!

  12. bachterman

    i was thinking about this: http://3.ly/oIn

  13. Kristian

    @bachterman: Oh yeah (no pun), that’s definitely the reference, as well as the YTMND site – http://ohyeahtoast.ytmnd.com/.

    I’d forgotten that it was originally made by Shynola, though. They’ve made quite a few awesome music videos for artists like Radiohead, UNKLE and Beck. http://www.shynola.com/

  14. Winter

    You know, in a way this one is actually funnier without the animation.
    Like, he just pauses, looks at the toaster, and realizes “Hey, I can make toast with this! Life is worth living after all!”

  15. Mage

    This one had me giggling like a little schoolgirl, perfect for a Monday morning.

  16. Coco

    Animated! I love that!

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