April 2nd, 2010


Jumbotron would later be very popular among the aliens as the place to announce a marriage proposal.


  1. SilverDSlite

    The aliens probably can’t read english.

    And “JUMBOTRON TRANSFORM” is now my favourite quote ever.

  2. bachterman

    epic! :D

  3. Don

    He is not very useful! His powers are of no use whatsoever!

  4. Yacine

    3204 someones die! Including the two little red stains behind Jumbotron!

    You just made this comic because you wanted an excuse to use the word Jumbotron, didn’t you?

  5. psydei


  6. that guy

    I’m sorry I am far too lazy to check correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time “nameless optipess dude” has actually said anything HOLY SHIT

  7. that guy

    well I decided to check and found that I was wrong that he had said somthing in the past and I was just too stupid to remember I shall now consome my prevoius statement

  8. Kristian

    @Yacine: Hah yeah, that was indeed the case with this one. Aw, I didn’t know I was that easy to see through.

    @that guy: Ah yes, his lines are few and far between, but I’ve never made a conscious effort to make him silent. If he needs to talk to get the joke across, then so be it – although I prefer it when I can make a comic without anyone talking. Anyway, I hope you at least got some enjoyment out of going through the archives again. :)

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