Moon Encounter
December 20th, 2010

Moon Encounter

Ah, by the time this comic is posted, I’ve officially begun my vacation time over the holidays. I will be “off the grid”, as they say – or at least pretend to be – so I won’t be posting any new comics until after new years. But with some luck I’ll probably post something before then, so you should probably still stick around for that!

Oh, and: >insert obligatory Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Festive Festivus message<.


  1. Yacine

    Man, these guys are like the Universe’s frat boys. Except I actually like them!

  2. Harulth

    O_o alien pressed fruit bowl. Those astronauts are scarred for life.

  3. -2!

    Those astronauts to me look like there happy to the point of tears to me. They found alien life for the first time stile moment (and its mooning them of coarse)

  4. afoutado

    That’s exactly the episode that Star Trek would need but never will. Aliens also can be nerds!

  5. Matthius

    Well yeah, why should they be different than us ? :3

  6. Nosetroll

    Their misson: To bravely see where no sun has shone before!

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