Freddy vs Jason HD
July 13th, 2012

Freddy vs Jason HD

Happy Friday 13th!

(Freddy won the very first round by a huge margin, even with his clear handicap of having to manage the buttons with 20 cm blades on his fingers.)


  1. Tom

    I think that this game could be a hit!

  2. Kristian

    Actually I think it exists already! I found some screenshots of a hobby project made by a dedicated horror fan when researching this comic. Looks interesting:

    (But turns out the creator ran into some legal issues with Warner – I think. Honestly I couldn’t manage to read the horrible image text blocks in the blog.)

  3. Norm

    I’ve been reading your comics for quite some time now and have never left a comment – til now. I love your creative and darkly hilarious comics, this one especially made me laugh in the office. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Kristian

    That’s very cool to hear, Norm. Thanks for that! I wasn’t entirely sure about this strip due to, well… the low comment count, but you certainly lifted my spirits!

  5. Alex

    Friday the 13th is my favorite time of year because I know we’ll get a Jason comic ^_^

  6. Alex

    Or maybe not since it appears there has only been one Jason one on Friday the 13th before :| My bad

  7. Kristian

    Hah yeah, I did the same research. These Friday the 13th dates always sneak up on me, so I’ve probably missed a few. This particular one I wasn’t aware of at all until Wednesday this week. Came up with this comic after some pondering and somehow got it made last minute. Phew!

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