Laser Accuracy
July 16th, 2012

Laser Accuracy

I did several hours of cat picture research on the internet before making this comic. I don’t think I got through them all, though! Will have to set aside a couple more evenings for this purpose.

Oh, and don’t worry – all the depicted cats here had at least 2 lives left before the third panel.


  1. afoutado

    A new clean killing method! Astonishing!

  2. Adrian

    another take on the same idea

  3. Alan Mac Bale

    I’m concerned about the kittens…

  4. Jynto

    Don’t worry. If the fall is more than ten stories, the cats will reach terminal velocity and fall on their feet.

  5. Alan Mac Bale

    Everything’s fine then… I may use this technique on my neighbors…

  6. Kristian

    Indeed! I listened to that Radiolab-episode as well. ;)

  7. Gin Hindew 110

    Wow, a clean killing methode even more powerfull in Ulthar

  8. Evan

    Haha, this one’s awesome. I really like this comic, the art is so good. Keep up the great work!

  9. Kristian

    Thanks, will do!

  10. Magne


  11. Gillsing

    Too clever! :-D

  12. Floor

    Hahaha, this one is great!

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