Ending Pistol
December 7th, 2012

Ending Pistol

These guys were all possible former participants in The Z Games.


  1. Nacimota

    I feel like you kinda gave it away with the title.

  2. Nightstallion

    … I don’t get it.

  3. mrtt

    he found the gun at a running track, its a fake gun used to signal the runners to start running

  4. Nightstallion

    Aaaaah. now I do.

  5. Tom Andersen

    Ahh, a metaphor for premature ejaculation!

    …or not.

  6. Gillsing

    More like a metaphor for male infertility: “shooting blanks”. ;-)

  7. Tom Andersen

    Good point. :)

  8. Bill Murphy

    This scene needs to be included in the next Zombie movie! :D

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