Our Future
January 28th, 2013

Our Future

Here’s a comic strip of some sort! You should stay inside to read it.


  1. Clyde

    I laughed.
    Also I was reminded of the comic and the movie adaptation “Surrogates” which is pretty much this, except with Bruce Willis.

  2. Kristian

    Ah, never saw it – the reviews were pretty bad so I figured it wasn’t worth watching.

  3. MrTrick

    A pity that the Surrogates movie is *awful*…
    Go read the original graphic novels, they tell a much better story.

  4. HeliaXDemoN

    The future is so beautiful

  5. Pavel

    Why are there so many ads in a region where the sole inhabitants appear to be users of the product? That’s just bad marketing.

  6. Kristian

    Hah, I kept thinking about that as well. I had planned to draw some homeless poor people or something in the last panel, but it was already getting too crowded.

  7. Yacine

    One word for you: Apple.

  8. Wiredwizard

    Surrogates the prequel…

  9. Bill Murphy

    I like this as long as I can put any photo on my chest so I can be anyone I want. ;)

  10. MaxArt

    You know, it’s not that bad for the future.

  11. Teddy Boragina

    This is actually a good idea. Would you mind if I invented this?

  12. Kristian

    Sure! – for a small fee, of course.

  13. T

    Why interact as robots instead of interacting as virtual characters on the internet? (Read: idealized virtual sex)

  14. Fscomic.com

    Good job, I like this one very much. Maybe our meat bodies are just robotic and this is really happening right now!

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