Valentine’s Day Z
February 11th, 2013

Valentine’s Day Z

Here’s an adorable comic in time for Valentine’s Day on Thursday. With some luck the zombie apocalypse will occur before then as well!


  1. Yacine

    They were right! Romance isn’t dead!

    It’s actually undead…

  2. Tom Andersen

    Hehe, very funny, indeed. Seems like the kinda thing I’d do if there was a zombie apocalypse.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Aww, so romatic I’m getting teary eyed. :D

  4. Tim

    Where’s the body of the one that he shot by the tower? Did he also move it to keep the perfect picture?

  5. Kristian

    Um, yes. Indeed he did.

  6. Rasmus

    Just wondering, where did he get the brains from? I guess zombies dont eat zombie brains, so he would have had to kill other non zombie people to pull this of..?

  7. Kristian

    Officially, it’s zombie brains. Unofficially, it’s previous dates.

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