Garage Door Factory
May 13th, 2013

Garage Door Factory

Here is a comic strip! This one has panels and drawings and some words. (It’s probably also a metaphor for how I feel about my dayjob.)


  1. Teddy Boragina

    What is your day job?

  2. Kristian

    An office job at Not Comics Inc.

  3. tm0rk

    This reminds me; I still have your clicker.

  4. Bill Murphy

    Remind me not to buy a garage door from them!

  5. Andrew

    Oh ho ho ho . . . lots of OPENINGS :)

  6. bowie

    the wreck at the end looks like a dragon’s head!

  7. Nickhex

    I like to think he accidentally set off every garage door in the factory causing chaos and disaster.

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