Birds Watching
June 3rd, 2013

Birds Watching

Boo! This popcorn flick was thought to be a sure summer hit – but it’s currently doing even worse than After Earth, the new Will Smith/M. Night Shyamalan vehicle. (I feel bad for the both of ’em. I still believe Shyamalan has another good movie in him, even though his past few offerings have been REALLY poor.)


  1. Jynto

    And why the lack of racial diversity at the avian movie theater? All the birds appear to be of the same species.

  2. Antonio

    Well, they ARE the same species. So are all humans.

    I don’t see how the fact that “all crows look the same to you” means that THE AUTHOR is a racist.

    (sorry sir, forgot your name sir)

  3. Kristian

    I can’t tell if you’re being serious. But yeah, I drew them all as crows partly because it would be easier – but mostly because it services the joke better, I think.

  4. Yacine

    Well well well, isn’t that the raven calling the crow black!

    …Totally inappropriate use of that expression, I just couldn’t help but make a Game of Thrones reference.

  5. J-L


    Crows are some of the smartest birds. I’m not surprised that they wouldn’t be scared by such a cheesy horror flick.

  6. tm0rk

    Even still, they are pretty damned retarded – and quite rude. Last night I woke up at four in the morning due to two crows fighting on the roof above my bedroom. I scared them away by jiggling the handle of my window… Stupid, cowardly and rude – that’s what they are!

  7. Hot Girl

    Damn that one crow is eating his popcorns raw, as in corn.

  8. LJSLarsson

    What, no goldfinchs? Worst bird related webcomic ever! ;-)

    If we disregard the bird related blunder, if found this one really funny and clever. Love the touch about how the newspaper class The Birds as an comedy drama.

  9. InnocentMind

    “I still believe Shyamalan has another good movie in him…”

    It’s all part of M Night’s long term game plan. He’s going to keep making bad movies until he can barely get funding for one last attempt and then BAM, it’s going to be awesome! Also, he’s going to mysteriously die right before the release.

  10. Kristian

    Hah, quite possible. I still like the guy, and I feel he has a GREAT sense of tension which has been apparent in all his movies, even up until The Happening, which otherwise is a HORRIBLE movie. But as aimless and plodding as it is, the early scenes are very suspenseful. Still, I liked or loved all his movies up until The Village, but he lost me at Lady in the Water. Apparently he’s currently working on a TV show, hopefully he can turn things around.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely say that the current internet trend to hate on this guy is much duller than even his worst movies.

  11. tm0rk

    I can’t say I hate him, and I want every single movie to be awesome – because I love awesome movies. Thing is, he just does not do awesome anymore. My favorite is actually Unbreakable. From there on it, things just became lesser and lesser awesome. The Happening was were I drew the line.

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