Retro Comic: A Dream of Flying
August 12th, 2013

Retro Comic: A Dream of Flying

Hey guys! I’m back from my vacation but currently occupied with some other projects, so here’s an older (2007) retro comic I found on my hard drive. I thought I had more of these, but it turns out they were mostly just offensive, bad — or offensively bad. And this one is probably not an exception! Stay tuned for another one of these on Friday. Oh, and NEW comics should appear next Monday.


  1. Nacimota

    lol, that got dark pretty quick.

  2. abubasim

    This reminded me of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge:

  3. Eric R

    Who knows, may be that’s what death is all about, the profound and never ending dreaming of this life and the awakening in another.

  4. T

    What if you are already dead and this is hell?

  5. Guillermo A

    …..makes you think about the meaning of reality and fantasy, the thin line between it

  6. canucktopher

    Wait.. You have more of these retro comics that you think are offensive? Bring em on! I can’t wait to laugh!

  7. Kristian

    Well, some of them are just plain dumb or ignorant while trying to be “shocking”. Right now I might only have one or two left that I’d consider posting. The rest should be shredded and burned and never to be seen again.

  8. Otter

    Offensive, bad or offensively bad? Hah, tell me about it.
    I remember I made a fatty joke comic once and only years later did I realized that it’s actually an accidental sexist joke. :P Well I won’t be in a hurry to show that off to everyone :D

  9. tm0rk

    I had that dream once. Turned out I was only masturbating in my sleep-

  10. Mental Mouse

    Are you sure his name isn’t actually Kenny? :-)

  11. Tabbie

    Weird how his shadow looks like a Ms PacMan

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