Smart Escape
November 15th, 2013

Smart Escape

A comic strip! On the Internet! Read it with your eyes!

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  1. Nosetroll

    So the survivors are idiots because the Mensa Building is what zombies associate with “Smart people here! Mensa is smart guys club!” If the zombies have that kind of brain functionality, that would be the least of our problems. They’ll think of ways to run and climb ladders and such too!

  2. Krisper

    Awww… they finally qualified for the mensa. They’re probably much higher than the top 2% of the population though… if you count in all the zombies too…

  3. mus

    You wanna know just how stupid they are? They are trying to block a door that opens towards the outside…

  4. Kristian

    Haha, totally not intentional on my part, I must admit. Hm, so I guess I might be the stupid one here.

  5. Simone

    Funnily enough, “Mensa” is the Italian word for “Dining Hall”… oh well, guess it’s not so funny if you don’t speak Italian anyway.

  6. Kristian

    Very cool! Kind of adds another level to the joke for anyone who know Italian. Thanks for sharing!

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