May 5th, 2014


Here is a comic with everyone’s favorite giant monster.

Also, there’s a new “making of”-video for pledgers over at my Patreon page. Consider becoming a patron to support the comic!


  1. lou

    I sooo didn’t notice the peeing part until I read the hover text… (I found the concept funny none the less:) The smile of the big ol’ one is very gratifying.)

  2. terje.mork@gmail.com

    Very polite of Cthulhu to bring doggie doo doo bags.

  3. ThatGuy

    Even monsters and gods of madness have common decency :D

  4. InnocentMind

    That last frame needs to be on a t-shirt.

  5. Kristian

    Hmmm, that WOULD be cool, indeed!

  6. Yacine

    I second that motion.

  7. BMunro

    Well, it’s not like this will annoy Godzilla fans at all… :)

  8. mark

    I’m a Godzilla fan and a Cthulhu fan. I love this.

  9. elijah

    hey !!!! godzilla can kill cthulu any time cause his immortal plus he survived a blackhole and 32 monsters attacking him also 60 years of humans trying to kill also he was earlier than cthulu 1954 plus he can turn to super godzilla and smack him to the stupid ground plus godzilla is 300 meters thats as tall as our atmoshpere so indeed cthulu sucks ( no offense cthulu fans) also he killed bagan and bagan is a freaking god!!!!!

  10. Tyrannoraptor

    Godzilla’s 350ft tall, NOT 300 meters!!

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