Tide Troubles
June 13th, 2014

Tide Troubles

Hah. I did some research which definitely warrants the “someone eventually dies” tag for this comic.


  1. Jonas Larsson

    Aww, what a cute super villain.

  2. dagfooyo

    Clearly that Jimi Hendrix song now requires a rewrite. “And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually, unless you blow up the moon.”

  3. Pazuzu

    That’s no moon!

  4. strawdog

    not no more it ain’t

  5. strawdog

    mon ami

  6. J-L

    Earth (assuming that’s Earth) joins Saturn and Uranus (among others) to become the solar system’s newest ringed planet!

  7. rewinn

    Put a ring on it … how romantic!

  8. Otter

    Well if you take the constant meteor/moon rock showers as romantic shooting stars then yes, quite romantic.

  9. rewinn

    Volcanic ejecta can contain bacteria dna into outer space and eventually to another planet. It’s a very slow form of sex

  10. anon

    This is why I always carry my portable moon busting equipment.

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