Fair Warning
August 15th, 2014

Fair Warning

Oh, he’s such a prankster! Expect lots more similar hijinks and shenanigans when he eventually (and inevitably) conquers the world.


  1. Daniel

    Fourth one is kind of overdone. Don’t worry I love it anyway ÖÖ ;-)

  2. Otter

    Yeah, the forth panel isn’t really needed, adds nothing to the joke really.
    But for something more positive: The 3rd panel could work great as a poster (in a size that the little sign is visible of course)

  3. Kristian

    Yeah, I kind of wanted it as an extra bonus panel thing but wasn’t sure how to add it. Thought I’d move it further down or something, but figured that would just be annoying. Oh well, maybe I’ll just remove it.

  4. Ross


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