Intermind Upload
February 9th, 2015

Intermind Upload

Here is a comic for all you Transhumanists out there! I for one can’t wait to live forever amongst piles of cat pictures and horrible memes. (Provided I can afford the premium deal, that is.)


  1. MaxArt

    Jesus Christ, what a nightmare.
    I guess I wouldn’t even be able to kill myself.

  2. fred

    I think you’ve been (partially) anticipated:

  3. MaxArt

    On a side note, I think all of you Optipess readers may be glad to know that it looks like The Perry Bible Fellowship is alive again, as Nicholas is churning out new strips with some regular cadence.

    I remember coming to know Optipess when trying to find an alternative to a waning PBF some years ago. (I’m in no way related to PBF, by the way: it’s just a suggestion from a lover of this kind of spirit in comics :) I hope Kristian won’t mind!)

  4. Bill Murphy

    This is what happens when you don’t use a firewall!

  5. Otter

    I thought the joke is going to be that he is slow as hell compared to others.
    No Net Neutrality is the true nightmare…
    … and slow internet.

  6. Leon

    Then his cat walked over the keyboard, closing the browser window.

  7. J-L

    He might regret buying the VALUE plan, but what he doesn’t realize is that the PREMIUM plan isn’t that much different. In the PREMIUM plan, you get a chat bot to keep you “company” for all eternity.

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