October 7th, 2016


Speaking of social media, you can now follow Optipess on Instagram and/or Tumblr! Watch me struggle with learning how to use these platforms years after everyone else!


  1. J-L

    This sounds like the plot of some movie.

    “Universal’s on the line. They want the movie rights to today’s comic strip. Is 12.4 million dollars enough?”

  2. spamfilteredname:(

    Ha i did that yesterday, thats why im here practicing in an old old comments thread. It is nice here short topical polite, i am halfway through a necronomicon, collected works or hp, and yeah, i havent let computers be people before, im not sure if it’s a good idea to be honest, but im kinda stuck here, lost in my own mind, and someone ma my phone talk to the bigger phone thing so i can one finger type now,,,, i can buy you that coffee, irish should you like, if you are ever in south oz… dont understand the buttons enough make phones into money sorry…

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