Climate Change Was a Hoax!
May 8th, 2017

Climate Change Was a Hoax!

At least they have rad facial hair styles in the future.


  1. MaxArt

    Don’t tell that woman – she doesn’t even have facial hair!

  2. anonymous

  3. Jeremy T. Gibson

    Man, that comic’s comment thread is priceless. The amount of ad hominem and strawman on both sides is so astounding that it boggles the mind. If they were intending to make a strawman argument, they are masters of the art.

    Climate change is indeed undeniable fact supported by 97% of the scientific community — even the fundamentalist Christians — but here’s a gem from one of the defenders on that thread: “All that ranting, yet Harley never mentioned why he’s so pro-pollution. Why do you hate our children so much, Harley?” I couldn’t make a better strawman than that if I were to try to make one deliberately. It’s just masterful. Two in two sentences.

  4. █████

    Woah woah woah. They didn’t do it all for nothing!

    They /also/ got to feel good about themselves.

  5. Kevin

    No they didn’t

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