Fowl Language
September 29th, 2017

Fowl Language

%#$§@, you guys – it’s Friday!


  1. Oldskool

    ….ummmm, doesn’t he realize the bird didn’t DO anything? Isn’t he supposed to be the sympathetic recurring character? Mind you, cooking and eating the kid while the bird looks on would have been jarring, but not unthinkable for Optipess…. (If you did those hidden bonus panels…)

    OOPS! The mouse-over just made this even darker… sort of!

  2. Lee

    Totally love the pictorial language in this one. Must have taken some time to come up with all these pictograms!

  3. Kristian

    Uh oh, full disclosure: I actually downloaded a swearing font and based most of the images on the ”letters” there.

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