White Noise
August 17th, 2018

White Noise

Here is another comic about nazis, because fuck’em!


  1. MaxArt

    A very loud noise, sadly.

  2. magallanes

    That was funny.

  3. Kessler

    It may sound controversial. I may face prosecution and scorn of my fellow men. But at some point a man must face against the power and say enough is enough – “Nazis are bad”. Please, think of me as a modern day hero.

  4. Jaksteri

    As time has progressed every sane man agrees with Churchill on how bad Nazis are, and yes even to speak fondly about devil himself should they invade hell.

    But since that is common knowledge can we turn our attention to the political ideologies that are active problem(with bigger body count globally, and last 100 years in european terror attacks. If we tally in Russian civil war we could argue that more people died at the hands of commies than at the hands of Nazis and have more than enough skeletons to prove that point). Again anyone with two braincells knows who I am talking about, in case some lack another or both I mean Commies.

    Let’s up the hate for them a bit too. And for people who skipped history or political science classes, communism is not same as Socialism or Social democracy. Pople who claim otherwise are same level retards as people who think Finnish air force swastica has something to do with Nazis.

  5. Oldskool

    You elaborated so well that my initial assumption you were doing the kneejerk conservative whataboutism was derailed. Every OTHER time I see this point made, it’s in order to make false equivalence that socialized medicine = road to oppression.

  6. Jaksteri

    I’m from Finland, to us much like to our Norwegian cartoonist here, the US political divide tends to be a joke. Especially when the Socialism arguments come in play, even the left that is in favour of it keeps missing the point, and big one, the tax rates here are higher and tied to ones income meaning pretty much every single of their politicians would be in the 50% bracket and douply so for hollywoods pro-socialism elite. I’d like to see how many of them would support it then :D

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