October 19th, 2018


Fun Fact: No person, in the history of time, has asked “WHO MADE THIS” with the intent of actually learning who made it.


  1. lou

    *crops author* *compresses* *watermarks* *reframes* *reposts* lol omg so funny

  2. tkun

    Unless they are angry

  3. Thomas

    Actually, I found this site after doing a reverse image search on a comic I saw that was cropped and had the author removed on BuzzFeed :)

  4. Naud

    It’s sad how people who repost comics often get more likes than the creator themself because they happen to be more popular.

  5. Nyerguds

    I pride myself on instinctively launching into an extensive research whenever I find uncredited art on the internet and, if at all possible, sharing the source I find.

    Archive.org and reverse image search are your friends. (Tumblr is your worst enemy though. But it’s nice to know all the actual image URLs still work even if the pages they belonged to are long purged)

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