Course Correction
November 12th, 2018

Course Correction

Oh no, it’s a semi-political Optipess comic! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. (For what it’s worth, for me it’s probably mainly a joke at the expense of poor #Resistance organization.)


  1. Nedsin

    Hehehe …I did not see that comming. :D

  2. Kessler

    Yeah, Titanic sailed from Southampton in England. :)

    I liked the election sketch by SNL – “This is the most shameful thing America has ever done!”.

  3. Kristian

    Yep! I totally wanted it to look like a completely futile and pointless effort. Perhaps I overdid it, hah.

    I haven’t seen that SNL sketch – all their clips are geolocked on YouTube unfortunately. Wanted to see the new one with the Marc Maron parody, but no such luck.

  4. raven0ak

    Kristan, geolocks only work if you don’t use vpn, if you want feer one I can suggest protonVPN (especially with first week after signing in is premium aka maxed speed and no credit cards attached)

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