Cannibal Recipe
April 6th, 2009

Cannibal Recipe

More cannibals! Oh, and this is the 50th Optipess strip. Yeah!


  1. IrritatedOyster

    Congrats on 50 strips! :D

  2. Magne


  3. John Bogenschutz

    Congrats! 50! Alright! This one is great by the way. I love the stirring that is supposed to happen in the instructions.

  4. bachterman

    do cannibals use roman numerals? :shock:
    hooway for the fiftieth!

  5. Dylan

    Here’s to the next 50, may they be just as disturbing.
    There are no onions in that recipe! These canibals are not very good at following instructions, it would seem.

  6. Jernette

    Very nice! I love little detail about stirring the pot as well.

  7. Kristian

    Thanks everyone, the next 50 are well on their way. They will exclusively be about flowers, puppies and butterflies, though.

    @bachterman: Hah, I pondered a while whether to use roman numerals or some other way to indicate quantity. I guess if they used our traditional 0-9 system it would be a teensy bit too weird…

  8. Alexander

    It’s such a simple recipe.Put two carrots and two humans in the pot, then stir.Yet they managed to screw it up by putting onions in it instead of carrots. :D:D Love it :)

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