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Jan 1Another Last Minute Save
Jan 4Haunted by the Past Again
Jan 8Out With the Old, In With the New
Jan 11Other People vs Me Waking Up
Jan 15Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
Jan 18RIP Humans
Jan 22Unflushed
Jan 29Taking Charge
Feb 1Switched On
Feb 5Validated
Feb 8Extinction Welcome Event
Feb 9Anniversary Level Event
Feb 12A Brush With Death
Feb 16Boat Bait
Feb 19Pet Peeve
Feb 22Thwip
Mar 1SonyR Yet So Far
Mar 5The Rescue
Mar 8Instagrim
Mar 12The Hero We Deserve
Mar 15Cupid Mistake
Mar 20Press X to Pet
Mar 23BFFs of the Sea
Mar 29The Chicken or the Egg
Apr 1That Great Old One (10 year anniversary!)
Apr 2The Chicken and the Egg
Apr 5ResurrEGGtion
Apr 9The Origin Story