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Jan 3Happy New Year!!
Jan 6Flower Power
Jan 10Safety First
Jan 13Nature vs Humanity
Jan 20Origin Story
Jan 24Humans
Jan 27The Message From Beyond the Grave
Jan 31Tablet Dummy
Feb 3Passed Out
Feb 7Neighbour Noise
Feb 10Pet Greetings
Feb 14Big Love
Feb 17Natural Selection
Feb 21Younglings Sale
Feb 24Soul Snatch
Mar 3Grand Opening
Mar 7Spin Spill
Mar 10Bacon Section
Mar 14Dear Satan
Mar 17Recruitment Day Z
Mar 21Quick Time Unevent
Mar 24Spider!
Mar 28EsCOKEimo
Apr 1An April Fool
Apr 4Alien Spawn
Apr 7AI: Artificial Indecency
Apr 11Mice Mission
Apr 14The Monster Under the Bed
Apr 18Easter Egg Delivery
Apr 21Cthulhu’s Witnesses
Apr 25Escape Route
Apr 28An Emotional Boo-Boo
May 2Dog Dream
May 5Godzilla!
May 9Inspirational Quote
May 12No Witnesses
May 16Undead Business
May 19Oculus Rifted
May 23Paper Trail
May 26Graffiti Friends
May 30Extinction Level Event
Jun 2Dreamcatcher
Jun 6Sidewalk Art Savant
Jun 9Counter Comedian
Jun 13Tide Troubles
Jun 16Nightmares Then and Now
Jun 20Blind Lust
Jun 23Phone vs User
Jun 27Shower Idea!
Jun 30Another Hand in Marriage
Jul 4Bright Idea
Jul 7Intense FPS Gaming
Jul 11Showing Off
Jul 14Important Timing
Jul 18Musical Guest
Jul 21Nesting
Jul 25Hunt Duck
Jul 28Magic Money
Aug 11Tour de Force
Aug 15Fair Warning
Aug 18Hole in One
Aug 22A Virtual Reality
Aug 25An Illuminating Read
Aug 29Dying Wish
Sep 1Final Voyage
Sep 5Scientific Demonstration
Sep 8Zombite
Sep 12DJ Satan
Sep 15Divinstagram
Sep 19Final Text
Sep 22Unwound
Sep 29The Cure
Oct 3Douchebag Detected
Oct 6Living Your Dream
Oct 10LOLice Officers
Oct 13Costume Cuties
Oct 17A Message From the Future
Oct 20Nurse Suction
Oct 24Blind Rage
Oct 27Medication
Oct 31Halloween Visit
Nov 3Cthulhu vs Humans
Nov 7Post-Halloween Stress Disorder
Nov 10Procrastination Pro
Nov 14Dream Escape
Nov 17Cthulhu’s Call
Nov 21A Moral Choice
Nov 24Tatoo Shopp
Nov 28Bomb Wish
Dec 1Like and Share
Dec 5Time Mission
Dec 8Press A to Hide
Dec 12God’s Will
Dec 15Cthulhu’s Christmas
Dec 26Rudolph’s Last Christmas