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Jan 4Ouija Bored
Jan 7No Escape
Jan 11Grandparental Assistance
Jan 14Fish Bait
Jan 18Kite Bite
Jan 21Jump!
Jan 25Guaranteed Hit
Jan 28Our Future
Feb 1On a Roll
Feb 4Approaching Asteroid
Feb 8Deal With It
Feb 11Valentine’s Day Z
Feb 15Warm Welcome
Feb 18Big Fish
Feb 22Porcelain Upchuck
Feb 25Snake Eyes
Mar 1Fate Date
Mar 4Frank’s Tattoo
Mar 8Ding!
Mar 11A Hand in Marriage
Mar 15Clever Girl
Mar 18Bar Pickup
Mar 22Moon Revenge
Mar 25Zombie Forecast
Mar 29Easter Interrogation
Apr 1Jehovah’s Optipess Comix
Apr 8Jurassic Park U
Apr 12Jackpot
Apr 15Hit & Run
Apr 19On Track
Apr 22Toasted
Apr 26Great Catch
Apr 29Ransom Mistake
May 3Wish for Wishes
May 6Pen vs Sword
May 10Duel
May 13Garage Door Factory
May 17Going Viral
May 20A Gift for Igor
May 24Shaky Origin
May 27“Ctulu Fhtagn”
May 31Sock on Door
Jun 3Birds Watching
Jun 7Lemonized
Jun 10Paper Escape
Jun 14The Adorable Undead
Jun 17Insult to Injury
Jun 21A Bar Pick-Up
Jun 24Frog Dissection
Jun 28Cats Missing
Jul 8Death Visit
Jul 12Fridge Life
Jul 15High Strike
Jul 19Zmoothie
Jul 22Cold Art
Jul 26Underwater Invention
Aug 12Retro Comic: A Dream of Flying
Aug 16Retro Comic: A Double-Sized Bed
Aug 23Retro Comic: The Dwarf
Aug 26Safety On Board
Aug 30Floored
Sep 2Freddy vs Jason Again
Sep 6Someone Dies
Sep 9Twister Win
Sep 13Device Drama
Sep 16Illness Extraction Forcefield
Sep 20Picnic Proposal
Sep 23Unwell Wishes
Sep 27Fetch!
Sep 30Rejection
Oct 4Delayed Delivery
Oct 7“Life” – The Theme Park Ride
Oct 11Our Reflections
Oct 21The Tournament
Oct 25Zoobies
Oct 28Threat or Treat
Nov 1Shopping Spree
Nov 4Cat Burglar
Nov 8Wish Boned
Nov 11Diving Hosed
Nov 15Smart Escape
Nov 18Striking Gold
Nov 22Spider Shock
Nov 25Harpooned
Nov 29This Fall…
Dec 2Cthulhu’s Big Day
Dec 6Mistletoe Moment
Dec 9Winter Wonderland
Dec 13Jason vs Christmas
Dec 16BFFs