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Jan 6The Creative Process
Jan 9Denial Denied
Jan 13Short Fused
Jan 16Movie Night!
Jan 27Ladder Luck
Jan 30Your True Calling
Feb 3Apopalyptic
Feb 6A Critic From the Depths
Feb 14Crush Counter
Feb 17The Anti-Vaxx Vaccine
Feb 20Once Upon a Time…
Feb 25Under the Spell
Feb 27Tech Test
Mar 3Coercion
Mar 6Signal Hell
Mar 10Bible Bait
Mar 13Image Search
Mar 17Searching…
Mar 20Star Snack
Mar 31Another April Fool
Apr 3Camouflage Love
Apr 7Triple Rainbow!
Apr 10From the Moon to the Earth
Apr 14Business Cat
Apr 17Virus Bite
Apr 21The Man in the Moon!
Apr 24Forgotten by Humans
Apr 29Resurrection Spell
May 1Death Calculator
May 6The End of the Line
May 8Climate Change Was a Hoax!
May 12Prankmaster G
May 15Life: The RPG
May 19Flat Climate
May 22Personality Scan™
May 26The Cooking Fairy!
May 29The Gaming Fairy!
Jun 2Line Starts Here
Jun 5LikeCoins
Jun 9Worthless
Jun 16Hopscotch Hooray
Jun 19Pride Explanation
Jun 23Counting Meat
Jun 26Cloud Formation
Jun 30Strike a Pose
Jul 3NomNomNom!
Jul 10Recyclotron
Jul 14Demon Attack!
Jul 17Good Dog / Bad Human
Jul 21Imperfect Match
Jul 24Frown Down
Jul 28ZzZ
Jul 31It’s My Vacation, Dammit!
Aug 25Salt Summon
Aug 28Christmas Candy!
Sep 1House Rule
Sep 4Green Fingers
Sep 8Close Friends Forever
Sep 11Freeze Yourself!
Sep 15Everyday Decay
Sep 18Google 2.0
Sep 25Clone Call
Sep 29Fowl Language
Oct 2”Support” Group
Oct 6Paws > News
Oct 9Get Well Soon
Oct 13Jason vs October 13th
Oct 20Treat or Trick
Oct 23King Kong vs Godzilla
Oct 27Another Halloween Horror
Oct 30Michael Myers’ Halloween
Nov 3Invasion of the Body Achers
Nov 6The Exorcist
Nov 10Optipess Guest Comic
Nov 13Autumn Attack!
Nov 17Expectation vs Reality
Nov 20Escape Escape
Nov 24Write What You Know
Nov 27Difficult Difficulty
Dec 1The Psychopath Test
Dec 4Ho-Ho-Ho..?
Dec 8Wishlist Woes
Dec 11Death on Delivery
Dec 15The Temp
Dec 18Breaking News
Dec 29The Last Gift