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Jan 8Perfect Celebration
Jan 11The Summoning
Jan 15The Optipess
Jan 18The Worst Memory
Jan 22Life and Death
Jan 25Thought Police!
Feb 1You Are Here
Feb 5Who?!
Feb 8Home Accident
Feb 12Cultists + Cthulhu
Feb 15Never There
Feb 19Intimate Connection
Feb 22Back on Track
Feb 29Another Toy Story
Mar 4Monsters
Mar 7Captured With Captions
Mar 11Let’s Go to the Future!
Mar 14Aww!
Mar 21Indiana Jones V
Mar 25The Easter Queen
Mar 28A Cry For Help
Apr 1The Prankmaster
Apr 4Call Off The Search
Apr 8Perception / Acceptance
Apr 11Take Control of Your Life!
Apr 15Douchebag’s Delight
Apr 18Another Maddening Vision
Apr 22New Games
Apr 25Another One for the Fridge
Apr 29Like New Again
May 2Last Chance
May 6Kid in Control
May 9Soul Wrenching
May 13Foul Owl
May 16Free Hugs!
May 20Wide Awake
May 23Dad, Where Do Rainbows Come From?
May 27The Snooze Fairy
Jun 3Gravity
Jun 6Soccer Wars
Jun 10Motivational Cat
Jun 13Punishment
Jun 17Thoughts and Prayers
Jun 20Flipping Out
Jun 24Remote Parenting
Jul 1Below the Bed
Jul 4Unzipped
Jul 8Positively Negative
Jul 11The Teeth Fairy
Jul 15Social Cat
Jul 18Goodzilla
Jul 22A Life Choice
Jul 25The Dark Flight
Jul 29An Incredible Idea
Aug 1Working From Home
Aug 5These Two Guys Went Fishing. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
Aug 15Guest Comic by Deadly Panel
Aug 26The Fairy of Shitty Movies
Aug 29Bat Eyes
Sep 2Time Machine Factory
Sep 5Noise Cancelling
Sep 12Power Play
Sep 19Dead Again
Sep 23Life Pledge
Sep 26Cosmic Friendship
Sep 30Space Ride!
Oct 3Mister Sandman!
Oct 7Acknowledged
Oct 10Life Goal GPS™
Oct 14Level Up!
Oct 17Halloween Horror
Oct 21All Hallow’s Ache
Oct 24President Cthulhu
Oct 28Sexiest Costume
Oct 31Unhappy Halloween
Nov 4Piggy Bank
Nov 7Be Kind
Nov 11Unwelcome Visitor
Nov 14Self Portrait
Nov 21Inflatables Inc.
Nov 25Boy Spider
Nov 28Holiday Injection
Dec 2The Center of the Universe
Dec 5Tomato Sauce
Dec 9Favorite Friends
Dec 12Gifts From Above
Dec 17The Greatest Wish
Dec 19Wrapped Up
Dec 30Last Minute Save