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Jan 7Greetings, Earthlings
Jan 10Trevor & Tina
Jan 14Daughter to Work Again
Jan 17A Toy Story
Jan 21Crime Scene Snack
Jan 24Behind You!
Jan 28Headshot!
Jan 31Labyrinth
Feb 4Thomas
Feb 11Execution Cancellation
Feb 14A Nuclear Date
Feb 18Undying Love
Feb 21Blind Date
Feb 25The Skywriter
Feb 28Tunnel Vision Trauma
Mar 4And the Winner Is…
Mar 7Call of Honor
Mar 11The Cycle of Life
Mar 14Alien Education
Mar 18Another Tell Tale
Mar 21In Orbit
Mar 25Mr. Snuggles
Mar 28Narwhal and Unicorn
Apr 1That Great Old One
Apr 4Keg Party
Apr 8Desert Island Zombie
Apr 11A Maddening Vision
Apr 15The Great Escape
Apr 18King-Sized B.O.
Apr 22Insert Title Here
Apr 25Snip!
Apr 29Wrong Way
May 2Idea Execution
May 6Close Encounter of the #2 Kind
May 9Comics: The Movie
May 13Friday vs Jason
May 16Neighbour of the Beast
May 20Zombie Secure™
May 23In Battle
May 27Breaking News
May 30Another Toy Story
Jun 3Planetary Present
Jun 6The Da Vinci Drop
Jun 10Date Escape
Jun 13The Z Games
Jun 17Robotic Performance
Jun 20Forever Alone
Jun 24Bzzt! Zap!
Jun 27God Mode
Jul 1Bait Mistake
Jul 4Nailguns 101
Jul 8The Demise of Bobo
Jul 11Tough Crowd
Jul 15Our Legacy
Jul 18Swept Away
Jul 22Relaxing Lion
Aug 19A Child Prodigy
Aug 22The Missing Sock
Aug 26Less Than Three
Aug 29Ring Toss
Sep 2Patent Pending
Sep 5Ouija Board
Sep 9The Magic Inside
Sep 12Voodoing It
Sep 16Escape to Bouncy Castle
Sep 19Stools ‘n Nooses
Sep 23Palmela Handerson
Sep 26Fight!!
Sep 30Forgetful M.D.
Oct 7Museum Fire
Oct 10False Alarm!
Oct 14Schrödinger’s Casket
Oct 21Graveyard Mishap
Oct 24Batscreen Mistake
Oct 28The Daredevil
Oct 31Costume Scare
Nov 4Snowfall
Nov 7Predicted Putrefaction
Nov 11Courting Disaster
Nov 14Animal Airlines
Nov 18Re-Launch Count-Up
Nov 21Collision Course
Nov 25Educational Hazard
Nov 28The World’s Strongest Man
Dec 2Hunter Hunted
Dec 5The Gamer Squad
Dec 9The One
Dec 12Signaling Alpha Santauri
Dec 16Blue Christmas
Dec 19Gift Flood