Happy Halloween, dear readers! I guess I decided to make this comic instead of the actual costume. Hopefully that was a wise decision!

Also! Observant readers will probably notice that the site got a slight facelift over the weekend. Actually, it’s mostly the backbone stuff that I’ve upgraded, but I ended up tweaking the looks of the site as well. But I plan to have a proper brander newer swankier design eventually as this one is probably just temporary. Although, I said that about the previous look as well, and I kept that for 2 years…

Anyway, there are now some newish features right from the get-go, for example a properly working “random comic” button (finally!) AND comments threads (also finally!). Oh, and please let me know if you spot any bugs, if the RSS feed is working properly etc. I’ll also be looking into adding more neat stuff over the next few weeks. Happy clicking!

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