Yes! You have stumbled upon yet another webcomic, on the internet! This one’s named ‘Optipess’, a word you’d maybe end up with if you combined the two words “optimism” and “pessimism”. Alternatively, you’d get ‘pessiopt’, which unfortunately sounds rather stupid.

Optipess updates whenever Venus lines up with Jupiters moon Europa, or; every Monday and Friday, whichever comes first. The comic is devoid of continuity, character development, story arcs, logic and wit.

The author/artist, Kristian NygÃ¥rd, is from Norway. He’s into movies, video games and music, on moderate, passionate and obsessive levels, respectively. He also loves to write about himself in third person.

You can email Kristian about just about anything that’s on your mind.

Optipess is currently available in print in Norway in the monthly magazine Kollektivet. It also ran as a guest strip for the month of July 2010 in the Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten. Optipess was also granted a guest spot for the month of August 2012 in the Norwegian version of renowned newspaper Le Monde diplomatique.

Are you new to the strip? Here’s a list of the most popular comics for you to check out:

Also, Optipess is an album by the norwegian slowcore band Monopot.