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Jan 3Unhappy New Year
Jan 10Consolidation
Jan 17The Conjuring
Feb 1Please, Remember Us
Feb 7Captivating Quote
Feb 14Look Out!
Feb 21Flat Earth
Mar 1Please Help
Mar 7Cthulhu vs War
Mar 14Pre-Ritual Ritual
Mar 21Ghostly Origin
Mar 28Hollow
Apr 11Tourist Trap
Apr 15The Hunt
Apr 19Easter Egg Giveaway
Apr 25Underwhelming Overview
May 2How to Look Good Naked
May 10Work Fantasy
May 13Jason vs May 13th (Rework)
May 17Signal Wish
May 23Dream Dream
May 30Aaaah, Kraken!
Jun 6Boo
Jun 13Thought Eraser Booth
Jul 4Free to Play
Jul 15Correction Conundrum
Jul 18Baseball Burglary
Jul 25Smartphone Saboteur
Aug 15Dog vs God
Aug 29Monstenant
Sep 5Job Openings
Sep 12September 12
Sep 19Forgotten Rememberings
Sep 26Human Unboxing
Oct 3Hellrais.er
Oct 10[SCREAM!]
Oct 24I Know What You Did Last Summer
Oct 31Death or Treat
Nov 7Optipess comic for Nemi anniversary
Nov 14The Cereal Killer
Nov 21Candyman x5
Nov 30Santa’s Little Helpers
Dec 5The Meaning of Life
Dec 14Silent Night
Dec 21How to Win Friends