Grr! Here’s a question: why don’t you – yes YOU – use your turn signals? This is a serious question demanding serious answers, so none of that “I’m out of blinker fluid” bullshit or “no one else uses them” nonsense. PLEASE let me know why! This has me utterly confounded, and as you can probably tell it gets me irrationally worked up.

I’ve only been a driver for a few years (I was somewhat late to the party), but the amount of drivers utterly incapable of using their turn signals is astounding. You’d like everyone else to use them 100% of the time, right – so why shouldn’t you? Be the change you want to see in the world – start using your turn signals! Ok, now I can breathe.

Oh, and this comic is animated! I hadn’t animated anything in Clip Studio Paint since ditching Photoshop – and it worked out pretty well, I think. (Assuming it worked and you actually see an animation!)

Also – today is Norway’s birthday. Happy birthday to us! I will probably celebrate by playing Elden Ring all day.

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