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Jan 1Happy New Year!
Jan 4Wrong Pen
Jan 8Parachute Picnic
Jan 11Collision Course
Jan 15Love is Blind
Jan 18The Butterfly Effect
Jan 21Indecent Proposal
Jan 25Financial CRISIS
Jan 29<3
Feb 1Sick Day
Feb 4Volcanic Eruption
Feb 8Pilot Pranks
Feb 12Volcanic Deception
Feb 14My Bloody Valentine
Feb 19Misplaced Keys
Feb 22Deer Beware
Feb 25The Zombot Apocalypse
Mar 1Unknown Caller
Mar 5Snack Jump
Mar 8Cartooning Class
Mar 12The Birds and the Bees
Mar 15Bad Girl
Mar 19Meta Murderer
Mar 22Big Screen Heartbreak
Mar 26Horror of the Sea
Mar 29Freddy vs Jason
Apr 2Jumbotron
Apr 5Nuclear Juggler
Apr 9Dad vs Dad
Apr 12Crushing Cradle
Apr 16Dance!
Apr 19Suicide Savant
Apr 23Amazing Tree House
Apr 26As Seen on TV
Apr 30Can Kill
May 3Airshow Countermeasures
May 7Moon Mischief
May 10Tell Tale
May 14Pet Prowl
May 17The Desert Island Dilemma
May 21Sidewalk Suicide
May 24Corporate Chutes & Ladders
May 28Smoke Message Service
May 31Animal Signal
Jun 4Hello
Jun 7Know-It-All
Jun 9Know-It-All Again
Jun 11Playful Predator
Jun 14Diagnosis: In Love
Jun 18T-timmy?
Jun 21Happy Accident
Jun 25Cannibal Cooking
Jun 28Roofles
Jul 2Iceberg!
Jul 5Processing…
Jul 9Teddy
Jul 12Daughter to Work
Jul 16Magnet Messages
Jul 19Neat Trick
Jul 23Small Wee Ones
Jul 26Embroidery 101
Aug 9Pirate Parrots
Aug 16Flight Masks
Aug 20The Princess and the Frog
Aug 23Killer Bee
Aug 27Marriage
Aug 30Monkey Business
Sep 3Human Trap
Sep 6Cubicle Life
Sep 10Natural Selection
Sep 13Healthy Competition
Sep 17Mime Murderer
Sep 20No Girls Allowed
Sep 24Freddy vs Jason Again
Sep 27A Perfect Crime
Oct 1The Revenge of Don Pigeone
Oct 4Heart Invasion
Oct 8Missing Piece
Oct 15Beauty Queen
Oct 18A Quiet Normal Life
Oct 22In Time
Oct 25Asshole Eiffel
Oct 29Pumpkin Granpa
Nov 1Space Land Mishap
Nov 5Trailer Trash
Nov 8Falling in Love
Nov 12Space Shot
Nov 15Human Fhtagn!!
Nov 19Happy Birthday!
Nov 22Execute Celebration!
Nov 26Wish You Were Here
Nov 29Nuclear Countdown
Dec 3“The Big Test”
Dec 6Flight of the Living Dead
Dec 10Funhouse Refreshment
Dec 13The Ride
Dec 17Revenge
Dec 20Moon Encounter