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Jan 2The Birds
Jan 5Rancor Robbery
Jan 7Bioshocking
Jan 9Surprise Robbery
Jan 12Accident Simulator
Jan 14Accountantman
Jan 16Optipess Theme Park
Jan 19Chickenman
Jan 21Zombie Pizza
Jan 23Fievel
Jan 26Blue Wire
Jan 28Cereal Saucer
Jan 30Funbag
Feb 2Support Groups
Feb 4Rufus
Feb 6Bottled Up
Feb 9Hardcore Pong
Feb 11Mutant Ant
Feb 13Horror Escape
Feb 16The Microwaveman
Feb 18Unicon
Feb 20Ape Escape
Feb 23Newton Surprise
Feb 25Cannibal Popsicle
Feb 27Loving Thoughts
Mar 2Octopus Surprise
Mar 6Calculated
Mar 9Funfair UFO
Mar 13Zlorx!
Mar 16Baktus
Mar 20No Relief
Mar 23First Flush
Mar 27Operative Decision
Mar 30Chickenman Returns
Apr 3Versus
Apr 6Cannibal Recipe
Apr 10Toiletron
Apr 13Forest Flier
Apr 17Assassiñata
Apr 20Missing
Apr 24Deer, Hunted
Apr 27Heart Training
May 1Guest Strip by Mico: Dear Diary
May 4Toaster Suicide
May 8Weathered
May 11Parents vs Pirates
May 15D/Bingo
May 18Huh?
May 22Retro Comic: An Epiphany
May 25Polar Ice
May 29Pirate Pelvic Thrust
Jun 1Hello World!
Jun 5Spelled Correctly
Jun 8Amazing Eyes
Jun 12Fruitburster
Jun 15Wereman
Jun 19Fit for Flight
Jun 22Saucer Show
Jun 26Retro Comic: Stopwatch
Jun 29Australian Champion
Jul 3Toilet Mysteries
Jul 20On Ice
Jul 24Pirate Parrots
Jul 27Freak of Nature
Jul 31Versus the Volcano
Aug 3Secret Factory
Aug 7Jurassic Prank
Aug 10Roboted Robbery
Aug 14Shooting Range
Aug 17Duck Hunt
Aug 21Retro Comic: The End
Aug 24Your Mom
Aug 28God Bless
Aug 31Missing Children
Sep 4Pop!
Sep 7Love From Below
Sep 11Go to Jail
Sep 14Scrabbled
Sep 18Snowman Surprise
Sep 21Bug Eradication
Sep 25Prison Break
Sep 28Toddler Hill
Oct 2HangedUp
Oct 5No-Pants-Tuesday
Oct 9Suicide Park
Oct 12Killer Robots
Oct 16Lovesick
Oct 19Brains!
Oct 23Death on Departure
Oct 26Fluffy’s Final Trick
Oct 30The Pumpkin Carver
Nov 2Restless Sleep
Nov 6Accidentally
Nov 9It’s Time
Nov 13Attack of the Alien Slimers
Nov 16Oh Yeah
Nov 20Tunnel of Horror
Nov 23Timmy
Nov 27Hide and Seek
Nov 30Easily Infected
Dec 4Dino Surprise
Dec 7Today We Escape
Dec 11Flagged Down
Dec 14The End of the Beginning
Dec 18Dino Intervention
Dec 25Bad Boy