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Jan 4New Year, New Cthulhu
Jan 7Goat Force Five
Jan 11Alien: Isolation sequel announced!
Jan 14Rest in Peace
Jan 18Emotional Reactions
Jan 21Hindenburg 2.0
Jan 25Chekhov’s Gun Store
Jan 28Worrywart
Feb 1Worked Up
Feb 4Rejoice!
Feb 8Plop!
Feb 11World Peace Achieved
Feb 15Post-Valentine’s Day
Feb 18A Well Wish
Feb 22Adopt, Don’t Shop
Feb 25Vaccination Quiz
Mar 1Stressful Times
Mar 4Low Oil Level
Mar 8Knock Knock
Mar 11The Fix
Mar 15Torture Inc.
Mar 18My Twelve-year-old Self!
Mar 22Earth 2
Apr 1Eye Am the Fool
Apr 5Flossing
Apr 8Boiling Point
Apr 12Past vs Future
Apr 15Easter Eggs!
Apr 29Cthulhu Reviews
May 6Hire a Hitman
May 10Movie Memory
May 13Cthulhu + Humans
May 17Tearing Up
May 20On Brand
May 24Closet Monster
May 27Hey You
May 31Hiccup Hiccup
Jun 3The Next Level
Jun 10Brain Racing
Jun 14Overcast Cure
Jun 17Idea Note
Jun 21Feelings, Ranked
Jul 1Bucket List
Jul 5Pace of Mind
Jul 8No Backup
Jul 12The Nightmare
Jul 15Check out this piece of shit thing I made. Or don’t. IDGAF.
Jul 19MemoryBooth for Deletion™
Jul 22Eeny Meeny
Jul 26[Extremely Witty Comeback]
Aug 12FFW
Aug 16Inspiration!
Aug 23Religion Extractor
Aug 26Snooze
Sep 2Frankenstein!!
Sep 6Twentynineteen
Sep 9Debate Blow
Sep 13Forgotten Friday
Sep 16Shoggoth Rock
Sep 20Hard Press
Sep 23Grammer
Sep 27Net Loss
Sep 30Friendship
Oct 4Yet Another Halloween Horror
Oct 11Sleep Talk Recorder
Oct 14Loose Tooth
Oct 21#DeleteFacebook
Oct 25Ready, Set, No
Oct 28The Treat at the Threshold
Nov 4Last Candy
Nov 8Best Boy PD
Nov 11Vine Talk
Nov 15Critical Condition
Nov 18Beat Insomnia
Nov 22End Credits
Nov 25Safe Space
Nov 29Remarkable
Dec 2Hunting Season
Dec 6Candy Canes
Dec 9The Fermi Paradox
Dec 13Advent Event
Dec 16Santa Descent
Dec 23No More