There’s actually a small Easter egg in this comic about Easter eggs! One of the eggs in this comic was actually also in the previous Easter comic I did. Incredible!

Also, I will be taking some days off over the Easter holiday, so I might skip an update or two for the next week. By the way, do webcomic readers still check sites on update day? I’m somewhat under the impression that most people just get updates through social media these days, but I might be wrong. (Of course, if you’re reading this you’re one of the people who still likes going to websites. Thanks for that!)

Edit: Glad to see so many still using RSS! In an attempt to (again!) fix the missing image in the feed I’ve now done a change to my WordPress theme – which I know next to nothing about – so here’s hoping it works! If you’re reading this because my feed exploded somehow, please let me know!

Edit April 26: Working on new comics! Will be posted as soon as I have survived being murdered by allergies.

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