Some context for this one: The recent anti-homophobia comic I posted just over a week ago was removed by Instagram for being “hateful”. My appeal was promptly denied and the post was permanently deleted. My account is now restricted and I’ve been losing followers steadily since the removal. Reach and engagement have also plummeted. Word has it that a shadowban like this will time out after two weeks, or a month, but there is no official statements from Instagram about these bans.

So I have pretty much no idea what actually happened. The comic might have offended someone of the LGBT community who only saw the first two panels (regretful if that was the case. They should’ve read the rest of the comic), or my comic may have been mass reported by homophobes. Either way they won this round.

So I made this comic, which I’m not entirely sure I will post to Instagram at all. Worst case scenario, if the homophobe army decides to mass report me again my account may be permanently deleted. What do you people think?

Oh, and on a completely different note: My Patreon special offer at the $5 (or higher) level ends on November 30! I’ve sent the designs to the printer and the postcards should arrive here soon so I can start drawing. It’s not too late to sign up if you want a personalized postcard greeting this Cthulmas!

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