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Jan 8Tonight: Book Burning
Jan 12The Literal Threat
Jan 15Overdose
Jan 19Superhero
Jan 22Space Battles
Jan 26The Love Detector™
Jan 29Backed Up
Feb 5Might Have Might
Feb 9The All-Purpose Remedy
Feb 12V-Day
Feb 16Literally Me
Feb 19Olympic Cleaning
Feb 23Console Commands
Feb 26Boston Undynamics
Mar 2Hubble Trouble
Mar 5Ye Olde Cthulhu
Mar 9This is Your Brain
Mar 12Freddy & Jason
Mar 16Friday Afternoon, 3:41pm
Mar 19Archaeology School!
Mar 23How to Survive Parties
Mar 26Robot Uprising!
Mar 30Infinite Easter Eggs!
Apr 1Resurrection Ruse
Apr 6Be the Change You Want to See in The World
Apr 9God Rays
Apr 13Jason vs April 13th
Apr 16AAaAAaAaA!
Apr 20Breaking Broken News
Apr 23Origin Story
Apr 27Friday Forever
Apr 30Fact-Repellent Spray
May 4X Marks the Spot
May 7A Way Out
May 11GOONIES Never Say Die!
May 14I for one welcome our new robot overlo_
May 18MemoryBooth™
May 21Media Consumption Pod
May 28Go Zlorx Yourself
Jun 1Every YouTube Channel
Jun 4Visor Keys
Jun 11Henchmen Line
Jun 15F*CK
Jun 18The Color
Jun 22Deflated
Jun 25Lost
Jun 29Rose Rise
Jul 2The Creative Process
Jul 6Eating Contest
Jul 9Lit
Jul 13Today: Pool Party!
Jul 25Dammit, It’s My Vacation (again)!
Aug 10ISIS vs ISIS
Aug 13Become a Cultist
Aug 17White Noise
Aug 20Behind the Scenes
Aug 24Tattoo²
Aug 27Fahrenheit vs Celsius
Aug 31Cornered
Sep 3The Frog Prince
Sep 7How to Find Your Soulmate
Sep 10The Loneliest Man in the World
Sep 14WORKING Time Machine
Sep 17The Tucker
Sep 21Asshole Detector™
Sep 24New Perspective
Sep 28To-Don’t
Oct 1Insomnia Cure
Oct 8(Trick or Treat)²
Oct 12Friday the 12th
Oct 15TitsMcGee4782
Oct 22World War ZzZ
Oct 26Happy Halloween!
Oct 29Halloween Spooning
Nov 5Demon of House Chores
Nov 9Flirting Detector™
Nov 12Course Correction
Nov 16Scariest Escape Room
Nov 19A Great Old One
Nov 23Cthulhu’s Thanksgiving
Nov 26Wrecking It
Nov 30Desert Signal
Dec 3Meet Me in the Bedroom
Dec 7Robo Rudolph
Dec 10Perfect Christmas
Dec 14Santa Surprise
Dec 17Final Delivery