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Jan 2Flame Rage
Jan 6New Year’s Revenge
Jan 9The World’s Greatest Detective
Jan 13Early Inventions
Jan 16The Arterial Drop
Jan 20Paper Factory Feud
Jan 23Last/First Flowers
Jan 27Unstoppable
Jan 30Lethal Thrill Rides
Feb 3Brain Scan Result
Feb 6Crop Circled
Feb 10Snow Angels
Feb 13Valentine Up Above
Feb 24Last Chili
Feb 27Cthulhu Scare
Mar 2Happy Birthday, Captain Redbeard!
Mar 5Bait
Mar 9Love on the Battlefield
Mar 12Death Query
Mar 16Parachute Prank
Mar 19Voo-Dollhouse
Mar 23Mutant Mushroom
Mar 26Feeding Time
Mar 30Grand Opening
Apr 2Pill Prank
Apr 6Blinding Love
Apr 9Easter Cancellation
Apr 13Grandma Grenade
Apr 16Parenting 101
Apr 23Monday Morning
Apr 27Zombie Surprise
Apr 30Homework Dog
May 4Saying It With Flowers
May 7Brick Revenge
May 11Amusement Park Winner
May 14Man-Spider
May 18Block Attacked
May 21Final Delivery
May 25Proposal Plan
May 28Lost and Found
Jun 1Teacher Dad
Jun 8The Show Must Go On
Jun 11Mrs Williams in 4C
Jun 15Scrapbooking 101
Jun 18Taxidermy Touchup
Jun 25Cthulhu Insanity
Jul 6Excrement Revenge
Jul 9Practice Makes Imperfect
Jul 13Freddy vs Jason HD
Jul 16Laser Accuracy
Jul 20Honey Checkout
Jul 23In Concrete Shoes
Jul 27Pull My Finger
Jul 30Giraffe Revenge
Aug 3Retro Comic: Message in a Bottle
Aug 6Retro Comic: Surprisingly Good
Aug 10Retro Comic: Scars
Aug 13The Deadliest Catch
Aug 17Match Point
Aug 20The Floor is Lava!
Aug 24Tattoo Over Time
Aug 27A Kite Conundrum
Aug 31Bearing Arms
Sep 3Rude Awakening
Sep 7The Spice of Life
Sep 10A Well Wish
Sep 14Two Halves of a Whole
Sep 17Baseless
Sep 21Citrus Squirt
Sep 24Piece of the Puzzle
Sep 28Dressing Up
Oct 1Slapstick Save
Oct 5Existential Bumper Sticker
Oct 8Suicidal Rex
Oct 12Toilet Troubles
Oct 15Door to Door
Oct 19Growing Up
Oct 22Song Extraction Surgery
Oct 26Tech Troubles
Oct 29Pisa Polaroids
Nov 2Morning Routine
Nov 5Lighthouse Perv
Nov 9Knot a Noose
Nov 12Street Performance
Nov 16Grandma Malfunction
Nov 19Submarine Smoothie
Nov 23Office Annoyance
Nov 26Frankenstein Inc.
Nov 30Leftovers Disposal
Dec 3Tent Kit Kite
Dec 7Ending Pistol
Dec 10Treevenge
Dec 14End Game
Dec 17White Christmas
Dec 21Expiration Level Event