Hopefully your morning is faring better than this…

Oh, and yes! – this comic arrives even though my computer is just barely alive. Until the replacement CPU fan arrives all the way from China, I’ll try to get comics done as regularly as possible, but unfortunately I can’t promise anything. Your best bet is to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, where I will announce any delays and/or vent my frustration about my failing hardware.

Speaking of technophilia, even though PC troubles always are rather infuriating, part of me gets really giddy with the prospect of buying a new one. I’ve had this current HP laptop for 2,5 years now, and while I’d like for it to last me a little while longer, I’ve recognized that it doesn’t really fit my needs anymore. So this time around I’m leaning towards getting an iMac, which would be my very first Mac. I would have to wait until the new ones are unveiled though, rumored to be within the next month or two. Exciting!

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