Occasionally I find it quite amusing where ideas come from. This one, for example, came to me when browsing the site of the great indie/experimental three-piece rock band Because of Ghosts from Australia. Their artwork often features birds, and/or flying people, and one drawing of a man being lifted by a flock of birds really struck a chord with me. (They have since changed their site, so I unfortunately can’t track down the exact image.) Anyway, I then started thinking why the birds would do such a thing, and the most obvious reason of wanting breadcrumbs popped in my head. The Disney-ish reference with the apron didn’t come into account until later when I started doing the sketches.

Okay, maybe that thought process wouldn’t be interesting to anyone besides myself, and dissecting it like this also made it completely unfunny, but I especially find it amusing because another strip idea came to me months later when listening to their latest album and reading one of the song titles off my iPod. Interesting!

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