This is probably why you’ll get fewer presents this year. Sorry!

Also, some of you may have noticed a recent Patreon kerfuffle, in which the site attempted to restructure its transaction fees. This would especially hurt patrons who supported many creators on their $1 levels. These changes were not well received by patrons nor creators at all, and some of you may have closed your account and ended your patronages. And I totally get that!

BUT, just the other day Patreon backtracked on every decision so the new transaction fees will NOT take effect after all. Patreon know they messed up, and will instead directly include creators in any similar decisions from now on. Which is good, I guess! So if you jumped ship I would be very grateful if you considered returning your pledge. OR, if you decide to become a new supporter. Every little bit helps, and please know that I appreciate your support immensely. Check out my Patreon page here. Thanks!

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