July 9th, 2010


Here’s a new comic, just for you! Oh, and I kind of forgot to mention that it was my birthday the other day (on the 7th), so yay for me managing to stay alive for yet another year. Now, you don’t have to run out to buy gifts (please don’t, I can’t fit them all in my apartment), but if you’re in a generous mood an awesome gift would be to tweet, stumble or Facebook share your favorite Optipess comic. (Then tell your friends to do the same!)


  1. tm0rk


  2. tm0rk

    …but kidding aside, awsome comic! I really feel for the little cuddler, eaten alive. I see that happening at home every week, as the Leonbergers eat some stuffet animal or other. It also happned to my plush Batman.

  3. Teddy

    It’s a webcomic about me!

  4. tm0rk

    Are you fluffy and missing an eye?

  5. Luke!

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your present is a belated Reddit.

  6. Pollox

    This is a nice break from the usual style, and I really love the concept. Reminds me a bit of the sort of humor the PBF did, which is neat.

  7. speearr

    Happy Belated birthday!

  8. Kristian

    Thank you!

  9. danineteen

    Happy birthday for the 7th!

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