Dressing Up
September 28th, 2012

Dressing Up

Oh dear, that turned out somewhat disturbing… Don’t worry though, the next comic will (probably) not be about more severe mental illnesses! Yay!


  1. Shaun

    Wow. Umm. Yeah. Well at least my nightmares will include the happy sunshine at the end tonight. Thanks. Thanks for ruining my sleep.

  2. 6141465

    I feel like that most mornings. Drag myself out of bed and pretend to be normal. don’t feel fully human till after lunch.

  3. danineteen

    Ditto. It usually takes me an hour or two to properly wake up.

  4. Joe

    If you have an iPhone then download the sleep cycle app. It’ll wake you when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep in the morning, so you wake up naturally rather than forcing yourself out of a deep sleep which leads to you feeling groggy. I used to have that problem but I’ve been using it for the past few months and it’s worked wonders!

    Great comic by the way!

  5. Bill Murphy

    So THAT’S how his soul decides his moods…

  6. danineteen

    Haha! Love this!

  7. Esn

    This is plain depressing and frightening.

    Which isn’t to say it’s not good.

  8. bachterman

    i read a sci-fi comic like this, which were huge insects in human skins, infiltrating a human colony on a small moon. i’m pretty sure it was the skin disguise by wayne wightman.

  9. Ivan

    It’s 12:30pm here, and I’m still feeling like panel 1.

  10. Halrawk

    This comic is *deep*. I took this so seriously, as in people changing who they are, just to fit in. Lots of people do it too.

  11. Antonio

    I was disapointed to notice that the butterflies are not smiling creepily.

  12. Kristian

    Hah, I think I attempted to draw them smiling as well, but it turned out way too small to see.

  13. BMunro

    And here I was thinking this was a comic about the effects of severe ozone layer loss. :)

  14. Auntie

    Yep, felt this way when I was depressed. Now I’m able to smile for real again – it’s worthwhile to search for help. This strip definitely belongs to my bookmark collection of great mental illness related strips. Thanks.

    This also reminds me of another comic that is fully about how it feels to be in the dark pit: depressioncomix.tumblr.com is a great source for comics that help to express how one feels if it is otherwise impossible due to the illness.

  15. Ivan

    Wow… strong (and very identifiable) stuff. I wish Gravatar had IMs!

  16. tm0rk


  17. Carl Sagan's Ghost

    This would make a pretty fantastic t-shirt.

  18. Iman

    It kind of reflects my opinion on happiness and it’s “nonexistence”. Good job.

  19. davetheginge


  20. Nina

    Came here via Reddit. This is me.

  21. Skallagrim

    Theodore Sturgeon wrote a short story where this quite literally happened, daily. I think it was called “The other Celia”. Recommended.

  22. Aurora Adams

    I struggle with this. This comic helped me realize I’m not so alone in it. Thanks.

  23. Jonathan

    Few pieces of art, have described my life so accurately. Thank you. And beautiful art at that.

  24. SriDevi64

    OMG, I suddenly understand my ex-husband! Thank you!

  25. fri0

    I think everyone feel that way in some moment of their life.

  26. Nishu

    Brilliant! i can’t even imagine a better setup than this one!
    its depressing, Comic & Enlightening!
    you are Gifted!

  27. Shelly

    To me this almost describes how grief has made me feel x

  28. Benjamin

    This one still takes my breath away. People have spent lifetimes failing to express what being a functional depressive is like, and you nailed it in 4 panels.

  29. Kristian

    Hey thanks, Benjamin. Glad to hear that.

  30. Dusey lane

    Kristian if you would please email me at drl_red_7@yahoo.com I have some very fantastic ideals and this strip has given them to me I am a young adult who wants to be an author but I need your help I would like to throw some things at you and see what you think PLEASE! EMAIL I JUST SPENT TWO HOURS LOOKING FOR A WAY TO CONTACT YOU! And this is the closest I have come! All I am asking is for you to collaborate with me for a short while and see what you think, thank you (I am bookmarking this page in case you respond the comment first before emailing me

  31. Dusey lane

    Edit:scratch the first email and please email me at dustey.lane.1997@gmail.com Please!?!?!?!:

  32. Dusey lane

    Writing again because I feel strongly about this! Email me please

  33. Kristian

    Apologies! I’ve been out of town and swamped with life stuff this week. You can email me at kristian@optipess.com. There’s a link from the About page as well.

  34. Dusey lane

    Thank you, I really think your gonna like my ideas

  35. James

    Hi, I know this is 5 years later, but…i shared this photo earlier today, and while everyone got the sentiment, there was a slight concern over the potential misconception of black=bad, white=good. Just thought I would pass that along. Love the strip, this one really spoke to me, looking forward to catching catching up on all of them!

  36. Gman

    Fuck off with your 2017 everything is an issue bullshit.


  37. Robert LaRue

    Thank you James for your insight. Just saw the cartoon and I felt the same way… this is how many blacks feel… have to act white to survive in the society of Dumbtruck. The cartoon came long before our current about-to-go-to-jail president… but the situation was just as true back then. Hope the author will comment on this.

  38. Kristian

    Thank you Robert (and James!) for your comments. I really appreciate it. Your perspective is absolutely valid, and unfortunately it didn’t even occur to me when I made this comic. It wasn’t my intention at all to have it be about skin color, so I was a bit taken aback when someone brought it up in response. For me, the comic was entirely about covering up something internal rather than external. But I definintely see your point. If I made this comic today I would probably try to depict it in a different way without abandoning the original intended message. I’m sorry! And I’ll be better.

  39. Oliver

    This is what I hand people who say, “You don’t look depressed.”

  40. Clirussa

    thank you Kristian. I saw this comic and I feel identified at all. Thank you because it is so difficult to explain and it truly help me to reconize my feeling. I will share your erbsite like gratitude. Hope you the best! kisses

  41. Hatchers

    Having this to relate to give me strength to continue to survive this illness. Please keep up the excellent work

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