This Fall…
November 29th, 2013

This Fall…

Other shows on AMZ after the zombie apocalypse: The Killing got turned into a zombie cop show. Mad Men, inexplicably, remained unchanged.

Edit: Also, it’s Black Friday! Or, if you’re in Europe, it’s Friday. Either way, there’s now FREE worldwide shipping on all prints through Cyber Monday. Buy a Christmas gift to an Optipess loving loved one!


  1. Jonas Larsson

    Aw, this one was cute. :-)

  2. Otter

    The best part of this comic was the mouse-over text. I don’t seem to mind how many times I hear it, that joke is always funny.
    Breaking Bad comic coming up Monday? :D

  3. MaxArt

    Would have been hilarious if the dog peed on a tombstone.

  4. Kristian

    Well, he chose a cross instead.

  5. danineteen

    Hahaha! Good one!

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