Magic Money
July 28th, 2014

Magic Money

Voilà! Here is a magical comic strip i just pulled out from behind your ear.

Some news: I will be taking some sort of summer vacation over the next couple weeks, so no new comics until the week of August 11 (I think). However, I will be sure to post something in the meantime, but I’ll have to see what I can dig up. Stay tuned!


  1. J-L

    Little do the kids know that the coins will disintegrate into magic dust in just a couple of hours!

    (By the way, the version of this trick where the magician pulls out a seemingly endless supply of coins from the air and drops them in a bucket is commonly known as “The Miser’s Dream” in English.)

  2. Ivan

    No guest comics to fill in??

  3. Kristian

    Ah no, I didn’t call out for them in time. Besides, I would probably never have the time to make a guest comic in return. (I barely have the time to make my own comics, hah.) I guess I could pay people for guest comics, although I have no idea what the proper rates would be.

  4. rewinn

    Can’t you just pull a comic out of some kid’s ear?

  5. Flemming

    Seems like you got beaten to this one by three days:

  6. Otter

    Hey, I’m the “Someone did it before” guy on duty here mister.
    You owe me some money.
    It should be behind my right ear.

  7. Jeremy T. Gibson

    Well, if we’re playing the “Simpsons did it” game, this one has been floating around on the internet for (apparently) four years now:

    Fascinating, though, that the one here on Optipess involves the child exploiting the adult, the one I linked has the adult exploiting the child, and the one on Moonbeard involves an adult exploiting both.

    Not sure if Ben Caldwell is actually the one who did that or not, since the artist is tagged as HCT ’10 — I can’t find the original source, just a bunch of rip-off repost sites.

  8. Flemming

    Fair enough. I just thought it was funny how the Moonbeard strip went up only a few days–not years–before this one. Apparently the coin behind ear theme is pretty common, so I’m assuming it’s a coincidence.

    By the way, the artist you’re looking for is called H. Caldwell Tanner and the original post is this one: (I’m not sure where the “Ben” comes from though.)

  9. Kristian

    Aw, I’ve read both Caldwell and Moonbeard’s stuff before, but I somehow missed these comics. Oh well.

  10. ali

    Clever style of money making

  11. benrules2

    More bad comics! I always look forward to these.

  12. BMunro

    At a (for the sake of argument) dollar coin per second, and no breaks for food or rest, it will take over 30 years for the kid to get his first billion, by which time inflation will have substantially reduced the value of a billion. I wouldn’t worry too much about the impact on the global economy.

    ($1 billion in US coins would also weight over 8000 tons, but presumably the kids start banking well before things pile up to that extent)

  13. Jeremy T. Gibson

    Incidentally, this post is tagged as “omeone dies… inside”.

  14. Kristian

    Oops, fixed.

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