So this past week has been quite the eventful one for, as I’ve been getting literally thousands upon thousands of new visitors. Most of them have been from, so huge thanks goes out to whoever gave my stuff thumbs up there. The sudden growth took me completely by surprise, but it has certainly been exciting to glance over the server stats of the past few days.

Things are kind of settling down at the moment, but if you’re reading this it probably means you decided to stick around, which in turn definitely means you’re pretty awesome. Thanks for converting from visitor to reader!

Also, in other site news, I’ve gone ahead and upped the size of all the comics from 2009 so far with a few pixels. Maybe not that noticeable on the later ones that were pretty big anyway, but now they’re nevertheless all at the maximum size this site template allows. I’ll get around to resize the 2008 strips as well, but it will probably take a little while longer since my folder structure of original strips on my computer is a complete and utter mess.

Furthermore, and I really added this silently a few days ago, but you can now follow me on Twitter, where I’ll probably be bitching and moaning about some current unfortunate event, or just talk about comics related stuff in general. I was planning to make a Facebook group as well eventually, but awesome reader James B. beat me to it. So yeah, click here to join the Optipess Facebook group! It’s pretty bare-bones at the moment, but I’ll look into expanding it with more content soon. Oh, and if you’re one of those people with hundreds of friends on Facebook, be sure to bug them all with annoying invites!

Finally, last but not least, I noticed that my strip The Microwaveman has been chosen as the “Strip of the Week” by webmaster Cristopher Schultz. Very cool — thanks alot, Chris!

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