Since I won’t be posting comics on Wednesdays from now on, at least for a while (see the previous entry), I figured I should blog more in general, and/or occasionally dig up some other artwork I’ve done. First out is a t-shirt design I did for my friend [real name withheld!] aka Condatis and his metal band Svartpest. Now, I wouldn’t know the first thing about designing one of those “traditional” metal logos, so we decided to take the image in a slightly different direction — and admittedly it is kinda tongue-in-cheek from our end, but I still think it ended up being pretty cool.

Also, as I’m not particularly well versed in various metal subgenres (the metal I usually listen to is more of the drawn-out, sludgy and droney kind), I’ll let Condatis do the proper introduction of the band, with the artwork I did following below:

Svartpest! From Fosnavaag, Norway, this band has been headbanging since 1999 and despite sore necks still do so. Raw, cold and brutal metal only the Norwegian Vikings have the knowhow to make and perform! Svartpest made their grim debut with the album “Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete”, released on Baphomet / Red Stream in 2003. Svartpest departed however with Baphomet just when the new album “Mjödfest” was about to be released, due to “technical problems”. Featuring Freadiablo (Necrophagia, Gorelord, Grimfist) on guitar and bass, Condatis aka Likskrik (Fuck Frikyrkja, Dominate, Regin) on vocals, and Fug (Necrophagia, Trønderswingers) on drums. Svartpest is now looking for a new label, so if anyone out there likes (or hates just enough) to sign us, feel free to contact the band!


An amusing bit of trivia: The idea for this comic was conceived while making this image (when my mind wandered off to think of rats and mice in general). And yeah, new comic will be posted on Friday!

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