Behold! It’s a “making of”-video depicting the delicate process of creating an Optipess strip, presented in time-lapse-o-vision over 13 glorious minutes!

GASP… at the overly ludicrus attention to unessential detail!
MARVEL… at the razor-sharp accuracy and blazing speed of the inking process!
SHUDDER… at the obvious frustration with the third panel, culminating in offensive swearwords!
ROCK OUT… to the tones of Icelandic post-rockers For a Minor Reflection!
LAUGH… at the realization that this entire process in real time is something like 10-12 hours total!

The making of an Optipess comic strip from Kristian Nygård on Vimeo.

Please share this video with your artist friends so they can learn how to NOT make a comic strip!

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